Books By C. LItka

Books By C. LItka

Monday, April 5, 2021

Mystery Solved


It is very satisfying to find an answer to what I had supposed was a forever mystery. But, thanks to a nice email from a reader – which I very much appreciated – I can offer an explanation for my hitherto unexplained jump in my March 2021 sales.

It wasn’t the mysterious working of the gods of Amazon that caused the jump after all. It was a blog post by Nathan Lowell, which can be found here:

Nathan Lowell is a full time, self-published author of over 20 novels, plus short stories and a novella including the popular Golden Age of the Solar Clipper series -- the Trader's Tales, Smuggler's Tales, and Seeker's Tales, as well as several other series and books. If you’ve ever browsed Amazon’s science fiction collection, you'll at least seen his books, and more than likely have bought and enjoyed them as well. His Amazon author page can be found here:

I really appreciate his mention and kind words about The Bright Black Sea. I must say that is is very cool that an established pro enjoyed my book. And I’m glad that one of my readers took the time to tell me about this blog post, so that I could thank him for it -- and clear up a mystery. It made my day.

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