Books By C. LItka

Books By C. LItka

Thursday, April 21, 2016

New Cover for the Bright Black Sea

This is the new Amazon cover for The Bright Black Sea. Without price matching, I'm going to have to experiment to see what sells. I can't change the story, but I can change the cover. We'll start with this one. Unlike the last cover, this piece of art was something I did especially for the cover. I ended up choosing the other one because I felt that it fit better with The Bright Black Sea title I eventually chose. Both covers are too static, but the one I tried with the Lost Star on it sucked, as did the bridge scene one, so I'm still stuck with a static cover. 

I added the "Captain Wil Litang's Adventures #1" to the title, anticipating the second volume that will be released in the next four or five months.

In addition to the new cover, I've also re-written its blurb on Amazon. As a free book I didn't (and don't) feel I need to sell the book, if only because it doesn't matter how many copies are downloaded – I make the same amount of money. None. Instead, I wrote my blurbs with the idea of appealing to readers who would likely like the book while steering away people who likely wouldn't. But now I'm in the selling game, like it or not, I'll try selling the book to everyone. To that end I'm dropping the classic, golden age angle, and going with a straight space opera/space adventure pitch. We'll see how that works. Or not. It'll likely be hard to tell. Still, it's fun to experiment.

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