Books By C. LItka

Books By C. LItka

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Shadows of an Iron Kingdom and The Starfaring Life are now available


The ebook of the third Nine Star Nebula Mystery/Adventure, Shadows of an Iron Kingdom,  is now available on Amazon for $.99 and on Smashwords for Free. Within the next few days it should also be available on Google, Apple, Kobo & B&N for free as well. The paper edition is priced at $10.00 on Amazon.

Currently you can get your copy at:
Amazon: ($.99): Amazon
Smashwords (Free) Smashwords
Google (Free): Google
Kobo (Free) Kobo

My novella length serial story, The Starfaring Life, is now available on Amazon's Vella platform. It can be read on the Amazon site here:

It can also be read on an iOS Vella app which will allow it to be read on your iPhone or iPad. The first three episodes can be read for free, after which you will have to spend tokens, one per hundred words, to read the rest. I believe that at least on the app, Amazon is offering 200 free tokens at launch, which if true would allow you to read almost the whole story for free.

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