Books By C. LItka

Books By C. LItka

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Coming Soon: A New Imaginary World Adventure Novel

The Sea from Seaview House, Lil Lon Island

Sailing to Redoubt is an imaginary world adventure novel that I had a lot of fun dreaming up and setting down in words. As I posted earlier, the setting was inspired by a long ago dream, and the characters, like all good characters, took on a life of their own. I hope that this sense of fun shines through the story since I set out, as usual, to write a lighthearted adventure story, an enjoyable escape to someplace beyond the everyday world.

The narrator, Lieutenant (Limited Time) Taef Lang, after two years as a file clerk in the Aelronian Admiralty’s intelligence and special operations section, lands a field assignment on his home island in the Tropic sea. While aboard a steamer en route to his new assignment, a shipwrecked yacht and survivors are sighted. Taef volunteers to join the boat crew to pick up the survivors. However, they must contend with a boat of fierce, well armed islanders, who also hope to collect the survivors -- to sell as slaves.

It turns out, however, that these survivors needed no help sending the islanders scurrying back to their ship, once their leader, a grim, young woman strikes down four of the islanders by simply pointing to them and telling them to “Die.” To any islander it is clear that these shipwreck survivors could only be the mysterious Vente Islanders, known, and feared, throughout the Tropic Sea as sorcerers.

Taef, though island born, is university educated, and doesn’t believe in magic. But then again, he can’t explain what she did, either. The Vente sorceress accepts the steamship captain’s offer for passage to Fey Lon Island, and there, she asks a favor of Taef. And he, eager to learn more about these mysterious islanders, was happy to oblige her. Which, as it turns out, is not something you should do. Not if you want to enjoy the easy going life of the Tropic Sea islands.

Sailing to Redoubt will be released for free as an ebook in most ebook stores, and as a $12 trade paperback in March 2019, the exact date to be announced soon.

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