Books By C. LItka

Books By C. LItka

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Keiree is FREE on Amazon


Oh those wacky algorithms over at Amazon! I noticed that Keiree, which, for some unfathomable  reason, they did not price match to free along with all my other books, is now FREE. However, the balance of the universe must be maintained, so  The Lost Star's Sea is now at my low list price of $.99, taking its place as my one non-FREE book.

Tomorrow, 18 March 2021, that will change again with the ebook release of my newest Nine Star Nebula Mystery Adventure, The Secrets of Valsummer House at $.99  We'll see if they reduce it to FREE once it is out in all the other stores. The paperback book of The Secrets of Valsummer House is now available for $10.00 on Amazon.

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