Books By C. LItka

Books By C. LItka

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Free Books for these Pandemic Days

I write lighthearted adventure stories. My stories feature characters that are deeper than cardboard cutouts, friendships, romance, and shared adventures set in rich, exotic worlds. And most of them are long stories, making them perfect stories for these science-fiction, pandemic times that finds many of us confined to our homes. And my ebooks are always free, world wide, at the ebook stores of Smashwords (which offers a mobi version that can be sideloaded and read on kindles), Apple, B & N, Kobo, and the Google Play Store. I must put a price on them for Amazon, but Amazon has been (mostly) good in price matching my free price in its US store. In its non-US stores they may offer one of my ebooks for free, but as I said, the mobi versions for kindles are free from Smashwords.

I expect to get paid for any work I do. (Though I avoid work for many years.) But daydreaming up my stories and setting them down in words is fun. And since writing is its own reward for me, I am more than happy just to share my fun with any reader with a taste in books similar to mine. That is why my ebooks are free, every day, in good times and bad.

My 2020 novel, The Prisoner of Cimlye is an epilogue to Sailing to Redoubt. In this short novel we return to Taef Lang the Raah twins, Sella and Liessie, six months after the end of Sailing to Redoubt. We learn what happened to Taef and the girls upon their return, and follow them as they find their way into their post Redoubt Island lives. The ebook is on track for a release in the early part of May 2020, if all continues to go well. I will post the exact date once the book nears the end of its proofreading process. Stay tuned.

And to everyone - take care!

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