Books By C. LItka

Books By C. LItka

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Some Day Days Version 3

I have finished rereading and slightly revising Act One of the Hugh Gallagher memoir/romance/saga, Some Day Days. The revised version, number 3, is now available wherever fine ebooks are sold.

It seems that I've been writing stories off and on almost all my life. Recently, going through some old boxes in the attic, I was surprised to discover a whole stash of handwritten stories I'd written during my 6th thru 8th grade years. I'd forgotten all about them – I have a very poor memory of my life. I also have several typewritten manuscripts on a shelf from my 20's – a fantasy novel, a science fiction novella, and at least one short story – and their rejections slips. From my 30's I also discovered extensive notes from a planned novel about a weapon that could destroy IBMs in space – a cold war s-f novel. From my 40's I have the manuscript of a young adult adventure story set in Scotland. I had written it on a X88 computer – a little laptop device from England – and printed it out on a dot matrix printer, a step up from a typewriter. In my mid-50's I took up writing again as a challenge. This time a full fledged computer made things a lot easier, and I wrote the long short story, Kiss of the White Witch. This turned out to be piece one of the continuing Gallagher stories that evolved into Some Day Days (A Romance in an Undetermined Number of Pieces). I ended up writing 12 pieces, a mere a quarter of the pieces I'd imagined while daydreaming up the complete story of Gallagher's wooing of Selina Beri in my head.

The pieces of Some Day Days were the first efforts of my late life writing, and it probably shows. Still, I took an idea, made it into a story, and then put it into words, the hard part. Irregardless of the quality, this is an accomplishment not to be sniffed at. And it opened the door to writing more stories, allowing me to fulfill a long held ambition to be a science fiction writer. And as such, it plays an important part in my development as a writer. I'd like to think I gotten better at writing as I've gone along, but even so, I feel that Some Day Days while, far from perfect, is good enough to see the light of publication. And while it is the least downloaded and likely least liked of my books, and probably not unfairly, I am, nevertheless, quite fond of it.

Once again, I made only minor changes to make it read a little more smoothly, and fixed some misspellings. One thing I couldn't find a way to fix was the curious case of two different types of apostrophes, a curly one, and a straight one. I don't know where the curly ones came from, but even switching fonts back and forth failed to eliminate them. No doubt an artifact of a long obsolete version of OpenOffice on a Mac. I also updated its blub, which was long overdue. It seems that I'd not touched it since I first put it up in 2015, since it was still advertising the fall 2015 release of Planets of Call, my original title for The Bright Black Sea.

Other than rereading my old stories, I'm still struggling to find a story to write for 2018. I've ideas, but no stories that I can get enthusiastic about. And without a publishing contract to flog me to work, I need to be enthusiastic about a story to sit down and get to work on it.

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