Books By C. LItka

Books By C. LItka

Monday, July 4, 2016

New Cover Art for The Bright Black Sea

I've uploaded new cover art for The Bright Black Sea for the Amazon edition. This actually (if far from ideally) illustrates a scene from the story. As I've mentioned, I don't really have anything more than an impression of the scenes I write, so that I'm left with constructing one limited by my artistic talents. Luckily, gimp provides digital tools to greatly enhance my efforts. Trust me, the original of this is really bad.

I will be updating the cover of my other editions shortly. 

I've also changed the name of the series to The Lost Star Tales, with The Bright Black Sea being volume #1, at least for now. I am somewhat torn in that the Volume #1 could be considered a collection of the first three tales and The Lost Star Tales #2 will be only one tale, so it should be more accurately numbered #4 since it will be only the first episode in the full story of  Wil Litang's adventures and misadventures in the Archipelago of the Tenth Star. The complete work, The Lost Star's Sea will likely be as long as The Bright Black Sea. However, since I don't see that project being completed before mid to late 2017,  The Lost Star Tales #2Castaways of the Lost Star will be a stopgap measure, consisting of the opening tale or episode of the larger book. I'll be posting more details on that in the coming days.

Once I have the #2 in the series out, we'll see if Amazon will let me once more list The Bright Black Sea for FREE. I believe they allow authors to give away the first book in a series to prime the pump for the rest of the books. I'm going to have to look into that once I have Castaways of the Lost Star listed.

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