Books By C. LItka

Books By C. LItka

Sunday, June 5, 2016

A Summer in Amber Version 3.1 released

Version 3.1 of A Summer in Amber is making its way out into the world. Thanks to daughter Nel, who highlighted the typos and missing commas she found while reading the story on her ipad and sending those notes on to me. With her help, I have eliminated a number of sloppy edits, and other typos in the first half of the Story. Stay tuned for Version 3.2, which will include the second half of the story, once Nel gets to reading that.

It does appear easy in iBooks to highlight any mistakes you find, which can then be easily emailed to me. In the email I only get just what is highlighted, so that if you highlight only the mistake, that, and the chapter it is in, is all I see, which can make some typos hard to locate. However, if you highlight several words before the typo to give me something to search for, I should be able to find and correct the mistake easily. I mention this only because if you would like to call mistakes to my attention, this is a very easy way to do it. I'm not sure how it works on the kindle, but it might work similar. The key, however, is to give the mistake a little context. I can usually figure out what is wrong on my own, so you need only to call my attention to the mistake to get it fixed.

Speaking of mistakes, I happened to be reading the back of my bag of potato chips the other day and came across this:

This is a photo of the back of a bag of “Lay's Classic Family Size!” potato chips. The blurb reads in part: “It all starts with farm-grown potatoes – cooked in and seasoned to perfection.”

While it is reassuring to know that Lay's don't use those cheap, factory made, plastic potato chips made in the sweatshops of China, only potatoes grown on farms, what I found confusing was that fact that they appear to be “cooked in … perfection.” Huh? “Cooked in 100% vegetable oil and seasoned to perfection” or “cooked and seasoned to perfection” makes sense, but “cooked in and seasoned to perfection” does not. Could this be to be a typo – and one I actually noticed? As it turns out, yes! The BBQ version's blurb does not include the “in” after cooked, making it read, “cooked and seasoned to perfection.” QED

I report this only to show what a year into self-publishing has done to me. Not only am I seeing the odd typo for the first time in a couple of books I'm re-reading, like for the third time, but I'm seeing typos on potato chip bags. The horror, the horror! It's like I can no longer ignore the little man behind the curtain… And I'm spending time thinking about whether it's “a while” or “awhile” while try to pretend it actually matters… 

Just kidding. Proper grammar and correct spelling, like cursive writing, is vitally important if we're to remain a literate society. ;)

Oh, and one final note, I see that Amazon is now selling Some Day Days at cover price. Or perhaps I should say, "offering to sell". Good luck to them with that. In any event, that is Amazon's decision, not mine.

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