Books By C. LItka

Books By C. LItka

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Slaver, Saint and the Bargemen of Daeri

Haven't had much success coming up with the fantasy story yet – just a glimmering – so I'm continuing on with the next Wil Litang novel. Right now it looks like first of two volumes of The Lost Star's Sea, chronicling Wil's initial (mis)adventures within the Archipelago of the Tenth Star will consist of three sections. The first, Cin, Siss, and the Pirates of Temtre is done in first draft. I'm in the middle of the second section, Slaver, Saint, and the Bargemen of Daeri, which, with luck I'll have done by the end of the month, or the next. The third section I have vague plans for, but no definite plot yet. Still, I have time. If I can get that one done this winter as well (hate to waste all these dreary days trapped in the house) then I'll look to have the complete The Lost Star's Sea, Vol. 1 out late summer or fall of 2016. A novel a year looks to be about my pace, in a good year.

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