Books By C. LItka

Books By C. LItka

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Bright Black Sea Charts, Diagrams, & Characters

In a printed book I would have this information in the front of the book where a reader could easily flip back and consult it. I've found that in ebooks, however, that it isn't convenient to go back and find the right page, so I'm posting the information here where it can be download and printed out, if you care to have it on hand.

The Nine Star Nebula
Below is a representation of the Nine Star Nebula, with its eight stars, major drifts and most of the drift worlds and stations. Volume One, The Captain of the Lost Star take place entirely in the Azminn solar system. Volume Two, The Enemies of the Lost Star takes them to the drift worlds of Zilantre, Boscone and Despar. Volume Three, The Ghosts of the Lost Star takes the Lost Star to the drift station of Plyra, then on to the Amdia solar system, and the various drift worlds and stations out to the Kryver Reef.

The Inhabitable Planetary Belt of Azminn
Below is a diagram of the Azminn solar system showing it's human inhibitable planetary belt and the relative position of the 21 planets that circle Azminn in this belt. (At the time of the story, relative positions shift over time.) The size of the planets are drawn to indicate importance & population rather than the actual size of the planets. The Captain of the Lost Star takes place entirely within this system.

A Diagram of the Interplanetary Freighter Lost Star

Below is a diagram of the Lost Star. I have no working knowledge of computer drafting, so this diagram is hand drawn, and rather crudely at that. Sorry. I made the Lost Star very utilitarian, a no-frills tramp space ship. The unexpected result of having a very plain ship, was that I found it impossible to come up with a cover illustration that was at all interesting using it. And I did try.

The Cast of Characters for The Bright Black Sea
And finally here is the list of characters for each volume. The ship and its crew change their names in volume three in an attempt to evade their enemies. The Lost Star becomes the Starry Shore, and I've listed the crew's new names with their real, or at least old names in brackets. For the most part I used their old familiar names in the text, unless it involved dialog.

Volume One, The Captain of the Lost Star

Crew of the Lost Star
Wil Litang (m) captain and narrator
Illynta Tin (f) pilot, & purser
Molaye Merlun (f) pilot
Kie Kinti (m) systems tech
Riv D'Van (m) co-chief engineer, partner of Lilm Ar'Din
Lilm Ar'Dim (f) co-chief engineer, partner of Riv D'Van
Myes Qilan (m) 3rd engineer
Lili Chartre (f) electrical engineer
Dyn zerDey (m) environmental engineer, partner of late Captain Miccall
Barlan Dray(m) chef, Zylantre martial arts master (2 sword), partner of Saysa
Saysa Dray (f) chef & steward, partner of Barlan
Added after Calissant:
Rafe gil'Giles (m) chief systems tech
Vynnia enCarn (f) first mate, partner of Tenry Roynay
Tenry Roynay (m) pilot, engineer, partner of Vynnia enCarn
Astro & Orbit ship's dogs
Ginger one of the ship's cats, a Neavery Snowshadow cat

Other Characters
Phylea Kardea (f) office manager, general manager & partner Min & Co. later Min & Kardea
Ensly Mirrior, (f) employee of Min & Co.
Tallith Min (f) owner of Min & Co. daughter of Martingale & Onala Min.
Captain Zelbe Jann, (m) captain of the Comet King
Seni Shir, (f) first mate of the Comet King
Miclae Midedow (f) supercargo for Minlin Commission
Mountain King & sub-units sentient ship
Tat Timlor (m) shipbroker
Nadine (f) assassin
Max (m) assassin
Doctor Hans Wissen (m) doctor

People Mentioned
The Four Shipmates Sailed together aboard the Lost Star in the old days, they are,
Hawker 'Owner' Vinden, (m) late ship owner of the Night Hawk Line & half owner of the Lost Star
Fen 'Captain' Miccall, (m) late captain of the Lost Star, co-owner of the Lost Star
Martingale 'Pilot' Min, (m) late co-owner of Min & Co
Onala 'Purser' Min, (f) wife of Martingale late co-owner of Min & Co.

Olaeytha Min, eldest daughter of Martingale & Onala Min, scientist of the Outbound Survey Service on an extended mission.
Jelter Min, son of Martingale & Onala Min Towth adept on Kimsai's Peaks and Valleys Continent.

Volume Two, The Enemies of the Lost Star
Additional characters
Glen Colin (m) ghost former chief engineer
Captain Lenz deLin (m) LinTin Chartered Trading Co. port captain
Captain “Lively” Livtin (m) ship captain,
Captain “Blackie” Bright (m) ship captain
Captain Maulie (f) ship captain,
Captain Leith D'Lay (m) St Bleyth skip fighter captain,
Expora Minor (or Miner) outlaw sentient ship/mercenary berserker
Botts illegal class 8 robot, auxiliary unit of the Explora Miner
Captain Agust Nun (m) St Bleyth tactician & frigate captain
Naylea Cin (f) St Bleyth assassin, AKA Nadine

Volume Three, The Ghosts of the Lost Star
Additional Characters

Crew of the Starry Shore (formally the Lost Star)
Nives Wilcrofter (Wil Litang) (m) captain and narrator
Illan Lantra (Illynta Tin) (f) purser
Bry M'Ley (Molaye Merlun) (f) first mate
Kylan Balino (Kie Kinti) (m) systems tech / environmental engineer
Drimoch Riven (Riv D'Van) (m) co-chief engineer, partner of Lilm Ar'Din
Leelem Cardim (Lilm Ar'Dim) (f) co-chief engineer, partner of Riv D'Van
Haz Mytin (Myes Qilan) (m) 3rd engineer
Lila Tan (Lili Chartre) (f) electrical engineer
Barjour Astry (Barlan Dray)(m) chef, Zylantre martial arts master (2 sword)
Saemin Astry (Saysa Dray) (f) chef & steward, partner of Barlan
Ralf Hugou (Rafe gil'Giles) (m) chief systems tech
Elana Colniz (f) pilot, Starry Shore
Dicier (Dici) de'Vel (m) pilot, Starry Shore
Nadde Zoe (f) environmental engineer, Starry Shore partner of Myes Qilan
Sar Nil (m) engineer, Starry Shore

Feyla Linnor (f) Captain of the Azurete
Pax Sol (m) first mate of the Azurete
Irin Chan (f) chief engineer of the Azurete
Tern Cho (m) captain of Vulture
M'Risha Drae AKA Zilantha V'Ran (f) Litang's grandmother
Ben Ton (m) ex-pirate
Crain (m) ex-pirate
Zervic (m) ex-pirate
Martong (m) ex-pirate
Racken (m) ex-pirate
Vikei (f) ex-pirate
Tor (m) ex-pirate
Admiral DarQue (m) Cimmadar navy commander
Captain Lil'dre (m) Cimmadar navy flag captain
Sub-captain Tri'n (f) Cimmadar officer
XinDi (m) Cimmadar sailor
An're (m) Cimmadar sailor

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