Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Bright Black Sea version 1.1

Version 1.1 of the Bright Black Sea is now available. "Minor Bug Fixes" to the first 13 chapters. A few missing words added, a few better ones found, a few unnecessary ones eliminated. Some italics lost when processing the manuscript for publication restored, a few artifacts from years of work updated. If you've downloaded this work and haven't started reading it yet, download this latest available version. And as always, I regret any mistakes, but in a work that has spanned years and is nearly 1/3 of a million words long, mistakes can still hide in plain sight even after repeated readings. I correct them and upload the corrected versions as I find them or they're called to my attention.


  1. a truly epic journey. sad it had to come to an end,thank you

    1. First off, thanks for taking the time to comment. I appreciated hearing from you and I'm glad you enjoyed the journey. Hopefully, it hasn't come to an end, but daydreams are one thing, words are another.